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Retirement Retreat Master

This Master suite is a part of the Retirement Retreat Portfolio. These clients moved here from the Midwest after retiring. They decided they wanted to purchase all new things for their master suite, with the exception of a dresser and the stunning artwork you see pictured above their newly repurposed dresser. I suggested that we re-purpose their dresser from a less than aesthetically desirable stain color and style, into something 'new.' We 'brought it into' classic black with a little sheen, donned it with clear hardware, and placed it under their beautiful artwork. They love it, along with the natural elements, and earthy colors and textures. It was such a delight to work for these clients who loved bringing continuity into this space by bringing the outside in. It turned out to be a perfect blend of colors from our Colorado red rocks, scrub oaks, and beautiful mountains...and right outside their windows!