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  • We brought in a new HGTV retro wallpaper and a super shabby pink door to flow with the rest of the shabby elements of the salon.

  • Waxafras Salon- #3 Room

    The owner requested orange and a slight 70's feel to be brought in to this room used for Eyelash Extension services.

  • Doors

    Our clients asked us to take this special door print and use it as a supporting theme.

  • Bar area

    We designed and created this cabinet and tiled counter top with terracotta hues to fit over their refrigerator.

  • Floor to Ceiling rustic mirror

    Adding this gorgeous unique mirror on a deep terracotta wall with light blue velvet chairs made this room seem even larger for their guests comfort! The mirror gives the feel of a large door!

  • Cocktail Conversational Room

    This client requested Old Havana for the theme of their Cocktail room where they love to entertain their family and friends.

  • Waxafras Salon- Room #2

    The owner requested pink walls with a Shabby Chic style which works great for a restful environment during waxing and facial services.

  • The Salon's 'Kitchen.'

    This room is very small, so we took the cabinet doors off and used the same colors as the waiting room for a simple and open eye flow.

  • Waxafras Salon - Room #1

    Deep purple walls with hues of periwinkle and splashes of pewter, silver, and gray make for an inviting and relaxing place to get a facial!

  • A small area as you step in to the Salon invites people in to the unique waiting room!

  • Waxafras Waiting Room

    Mixing shabby elements with a stunning antique chandelier, chic peacock stained glass, aqua blues and greens, and charcoal gray made for a super fun atmosphere!

  • Chalkboard

    Creating this chalkboard and placing it on this super shabby easel in the entry way provided a great welcoming piece!

  • Waxafras Bathroom

    Creating a unique mirror, placing it above an antique sink, and adding a silver shimmer to the wall brought the pop this tiny space needed!

  • A comfortable den adorned with family art pieces, gifts, and personal photographs

  • Door theme carried in to the den

  • A Salon Suite

    A mix between soft lime and celery with different shades of pewter, gray, and stark white made this tiny room come to life!

  • Midwest Living and Dining Room

    Contemporary elements with dark red, taupe, bright, rich colored yellow gold and white trim provide a crisp yet comfortable place to lounge and enjoy good conversation.